Shell Fishing in Brewster

Shell Fishing in Brewster

Quahogs and Sea Clams are available year-round from the town’s western beaches.

In July and August shell fishing for these clams is only allowed on Thursdays and Sundays at Saint’s Landing Beach where the town clam beds are seeded. Look for the buoy that marks the location a short walk onto the Brewster Flats.

Check the regulations for shell fishing for scallops, oysters and little necks in the off-season: complete regulations are available at under the Natural Resources Department.

Certain areas are closed to shell fishing so please refer to the regulations.

Shell Fishing Permits are needed January 1 – December 31: resident and non-resident permits are for one year.  These are sold online at You can contact the Shellfish Constable or Assistant by calling 508-896-4546.